Beginners Guide: How to Play Kabaddi

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]abaddi is the most popular game which requires a lot of skill and power. It is originated in India about 4000 years ago and is widely played across the Indian subcontinent. This sport is usually intended to develop the self-defense and it is a very simple and an inexpensive game. Before starting with the point “How to Play Kabaddi ?” you must need some of the basic criteria’s:


The main objective of this game is to grab the points by performing well on the opponent’s court and have to touch as many opponent players as possible without getting caught on a single breath. Each player has to chant “Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!” with entering into the opponent court and try to touch the players playing nearest to him. The objective of this game must be clear for the players before starting to understand “How to Play Kabaddi?”

Team Size:

Every team of Kabaddi needs 12 players, among which seven are on the court, and rest five in reserve. The two opponent teams fight with each other for higher scores. Below is the complete information for beginners to play Kabaddi.

Playing Environment:

It is a game being played with a lot of stamina and physical work. You must know about the way of getting into the team’s area of your opponent and come back successfully.
Let us discuss the two parts to understand the Beginners Guide: How to Play Kabaddi ?

Kabaddi for Beginners – A Step to Step Guide

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Beginners Guide : How to Play Kabaddi

Part.1: Setting Up:

Here is the information about team and ground details to play Kabaddi.

Play in a flat, rectangular arena 13-meters (42.7 ft) wide x 10-meters (32.8 ft) long:
There are the official measurements for the Kabaddi to be played by the professionals; the ground should be flat, open, and roughly rectangular. This court size is preferable for the men.

⦁ Use lines and markings to divide the court appropriately:
There are some official court markings for the professional kabaddi players. These markings are as follows:
Boundary lines: These lines should be at the edge of the 13-meter x 10-meter court.
Play area lines: These lines should be at a mark of the 13-meter x 8-meter rectangular area inside the court.
Mid-line: This mid-line should divide the court into two parts of 6.5-meters (21.3 ft) x 8-meter halves.
Divide into two teams of seven players each:
It is suggested that the four players from each of the team should take each side of the field along with leaving each of the team with three players held in reserve.

Part.2: Understanding the Basics:

Here are some basics to play Kabaddi. You must have follow these steps to play Kabaddi gently.

Flip a coin to decide which team will go first:
It is highly suggested to flip a coin to choose the team to go first among the two; it is the fairest way to decide the same.
⦁ If your team goes first, send a “raider” across the mid line:
In this game, the teams take turns one by one by sending the players across the mid lines to the court area of the opponent team. Each of the members of the team must raid in sequence and if your team member raids out of the order, the opponent team will automatically get one point.
⦁ Defend, if your team doesn’t go first:
Your goal must be to keep the raider from tagging you and crossing back over the mid line if your team is being raided. You can make this step successful by either running away from him or grabbing him.
⦁ Take the turns as alternating between the raiding and defending:
The two teams must alternate between the raiding and defend for the two halves of twenty minutes each. Both the teams must switch to the sides of the court after the halftime. The team having the highest points at the end will win the game.
⦁ Send the players out on tagging, capturing, or breaking a rule:
The players can be temporarily sent out of being playing on the court if he/she is being tagged, captured, or breaking any rule. In these kinds of situations, the substitutions can be made.
⦁ Revive the players by getting an opponent to be out:
You will get a chance to bring your member back in your team whenever any of the opponent members gets out. You can avail this chance and brings your one of the best players to be back in the team.

Some rules of the game to play Kabaddi:

⦁ Each of the team must contain 12 players; this limit cannot be exceeded.
⦁ The matches of Kabaddi are categorized according to the age and weight.
⦁ Around 6 officials are present in the court to look after the match. These areas: a referee, a scorer, two assistant scorers and two umpires.
⦁ The duration of each match is consisting of two halves of 20 minutes each (also with a half time break of 5 minutes).
⦁ There must be a coin toss with the winner having the choice to opt to have the first raid or not.
⦁ The raider must take a breath and run into the court of the opponent team in order to win a point while raiding.
⦁ The players must prevent the raiders from tagging them and returning back the halfway line.
⦁ Each team will score the runs in raiding and defend.
⦁ The game remains continuous by this way until the time gets up and the team having the highest scores will declare as the winner.

So this is the complete guide about how to play Kabaddi. All the beginners can follow these tips to get professional in Kabaddi Game. If you like this post please share this with your friends. And you can ask any of your query in comments. We will come soon on Kabaddi Wiki with new tips to play Kabaddi. You can also follow us on facebook to get latest news of Kabaddi.

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